How we work

The process we will take you through is a journey from the brief to completion.
We can give advice on your layout, colour schemes, furniture styles and lighting.
We can also take your project right through to completion.
Whether you would like a full renovation, need to re-design your space to make it more workable, or you would just like a change in layout or colour scheme DW Interior design can be just what you are looking for, give us a call

Business Meeting

The concept and collaboration

Collecting all the input from yourself and interpreting the details of the Brief our creativity will be in full flow allowing us to bring back to you the visuals, fabric swatches, samples, furniture, lighting images and any proposed joinery concepts for us to discuss. This stage is where we can adapt or change the design so you are sure about everything and that we will collaborate with you until you are certain, as with any design some ideas will evolve over the course of the project which is fine. We are all going in the same direction.

Modern Interior Design

The Brief

After an initial consultation, we will discuss more in-depth details about your proposals, we will find out who will be using the space and how you intend to use the space i.e. (Is it work space?, living space? etc.) What are your ideas styles, colours you like and do not like.

We will need to know the size of the space and fixtures that will be staying.

From this information we can now create some visuals.

Boy Raising Hand

The Design and Realisation

Once the approved design and all the details are in place the process of implementation will begin, this could be where you take over the rains and work with your trades or we will then project manage from here and work alongside the trade people to make sure the designs are fully implemented and you the client are kept up to date at every stage. Making sure you are content with the progress.