About Me

I graduated with a Degree in Interior Design a few years ago. Prior to this I had done a couple of courses in Art techniques, such as colour theory, marbling and granite paint effects, 

alongside a two year carpentry and joinery course after getting involved in a women in construction event. 

After having my family I then went back to study Foundation in Art and Design where I learned Life drawing, 3d Design, Printing and Photography. 

From a very young age I always loved Art and design and have been really hands on.

My Passion for Interior design began as a child when I was at my happiest re-arranging my friends barbie house by positioning the furniture perfectly. I love anything to do with Architecture and creating that lovely feeling you get when the space you have just entered is so warm and inviting. 

After finishing University I worked free lance for a style company creating sets to be photographed and also did a variety of my own designs for family and friends. 

I have helped other interior designer's with drawings, project managing, sourcing materials etc. I then decided to take that further and I set up DW interior design.

If you would like to see what we can do for you or are interested in our business, please get in touch for a no obligation free consultation.