Taking your ideas, style preference and budget and getting to work in making them a reality. You can have as much or as little involvement in the project but every outcome will result in a happy customer.

Since graduating with a degree in Interior design, I went to work for various company's, some in the industry others not, however I always kept a hand in the design world.  I decided the time is right to set up my own business, DW Interior design. I am extremely passionate about creating spaces that are functional and pleasing and I’m inspired by innovative and sustainable projects that can enhance the way we live.
My design's are bespoke and functional, and will not only improve the aesthetics of your space but will also take the stress and hassle of running your project from you.
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The design visuals

CAD Kitchen Plan.
Hand drawn perspective

Mood/Vision boards

Visual mood boards are the way a designer will show their client the project ideas, this will then be discussed and adapted until the client is happy with the designs and then either proceed with the design Ideas themselves or continue to collaborate with the designer until the project is fully completed.

CAD drawing for visualising the kitchen plan.

Visuals created by Computer aided design programs to give the client a feeling and visual of how the space will work and look. This allows for changes to be made or corrected early on in the project.

Hand drawn perspective

These perspective drawing's are used to visualise the space. Hand drawn to incorporate unique styles the client could keep or adapt. This project was for a client's new kitchen space and was used on the mood/vision board.

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